A Note About Callbacks

Thank you everyone for your amazing auditions for "Spelling Bee"! At this time we will only need to see the people listed below for callbacks. If you did not receive a callback, please note that this is a very small cast show, and one that will be extremely difficult to cast. We hope you can audition again for future Stage Left Productions!

If you received one, callbacks will take place at The Washington Street Community Center from 1-4pm on Saturday, May 18th. Please come prepared with the sides appropriate to the character(s) you are called back for. You DO NOT have to be 100% memorized, but please come prepared. Callbacks do not mean you will necessarily be cast, we just wish to see more from you before making our final casting decisions. 

Remember that while these characters are all high energy and larger than life, there is also a humanity and relatability to each of them. I am looking for actors who can balance all of these aspects to turn these characters into the three-dimensional, hilarious, and deeply touching people that they are. And of course, remember to have fun with it :) 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your callback time and check in with our stage manager, we will come get you when it is time. Once you are all finished with your specific callback(s), you will be released. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at sophia@stageleftdenver.com. Break a leg, friends!